Nestled in the Golden city of the far wetern Thar Desert of Rajasthan, Nachana Haveli stands as the Haveli with the strongest foundation in Medieval Town of Jaisalmer.

Nachana Haveli, Home to the members of the Royal family of Jaisalmer was built by Maharaj Kesri Singh ji of Nachana, who was the then officiating Maharawal of Jaisalmer. As his son who was coronated as the Maharawal, Ranjit Singh ji was a minor. He built this Haveli for his younger son, Bairisal Singh ji, who later went on to become the Maharawal of Jaisalmer after the demise of his elder brother.

This Haveli was built in the 18th century, Maharaj Kesri Singh ji wanted to make an architecturally strong, planned and beautiful mansion. So, various Artisans were invited to present the Maharaj with their subsequent ideas. Finally the model which was approved for the design is still kept in the lobby for the display, is a Masterpiece, as it is intricately carved on a single sand stone. The Haveli was supposed to be three stories, but the Maharaj died when the work of the ground floor was finished and two rooms were made on the first floor. His kin in line Maharaj Sultan Singh ji was a minor, so the Haveli still stands incomplete.

The present owner, Maharaj Kishan Singh ji is the Grandson of Maharaj Sultan Singh ji. His two children, Princess Divya and Prince Vikram, converted a part of the Haveli in a Hotel in 1996. Later the youngest prince Kesari joined in, and the rooms of the Haveli were extended and the Saffron Restaurant added.

This Haveli has seen enormous transformation, from the times of the Raj when Harkars used to bring letters from one place to another traveling on Camels, till today when wireless internet access is available to everyone in the Hotel. Five generations of Maharaj Kesri Singh ji have resided in this Haveli, and the sixth, Little Princess Gaytri, Daughter of Prince Vikram and Kunwrani Meghna was born on the 6th December 2008.

The Sandstone Haveli boasts of the strongest Foundation along with tallest single stone carved columns, intricate stone carving, beautiful courtyards with swings and fountains. The rooms have Arched and vaulted high Ceilings. The Restaurant has stunning views of the Fort and the Palace. All this with the hospitality of the Royal family, makes it a unique place to stay.